Beyond the Law, Emmett’s Life After the Fall of Daltons

Emmett was typically a nice boy, turned bad, but he resented. But what happened to him after the fall of Daltons? Emmett Dalton was the youngest sibling among the Dalton brothers. He always looked up to his older brother, Bob as his role model. Their family was well off, and they owned some properties in … Read more

Vintage Photos of the Old West Outlaws

1 Belle Star | <strong>Vintage Photos of the Old West Outlaws</strong>

The Old West was truly an interesting thing to learn about, like a saloon, robbery, shootout, and outlaw, especially the stories behind vintage photos. They are fascinating to look at and dig into the never-ending tales it has to tell. William “Tulsa Jack” Blake became a member of the Wild Bunch. Before being an outlaw, he … Read more

The Rampage of Rufus Buck Gang

Rufus BuckGang | The Rampage of Rufus Buck Gang

The Indian Territory was known for being lawless for some time, and the Hanging Judge, Isaac Parker, was facing the abusive teenage Rufus Buck Gang just a few moments before their execution. He told the teenagers “The wickedness of your crimes leaves no ground for any leeway of sympathy to all of you!” What could … Read more

Extraordinary Law Enforcement Photos in the Old West 

4 Judicial Court copy | <strong>Extraordinary Law Enforcement Photos in the Old West </strong>

Back in the Old West, the ones punishing criminal acts were the Judicial Courts. Judicial Courts carry justice both to the convicted and the victim, especially since law enforcement was not too good. The arrest of Cherokee Bill was one example. The authorities have been hunting him down since he got involved in a murder … Read more

The Famous Cowboys Who Roamed the Old West

3c22dadb50db5d3daac2a828a6459892 | <strong>The Famous Cowboys Who Roamed the Old West</strong>

In the Old West, cowboys made their style and image. The movies and books helped glamorize their images. Here are some of the famous cowboys who walked their way around the Old West. One of The Famous Cowboys, Billy The Kid Before he became ‘Billy, the kid,’ Henry McCarty was just a young kid raised … Read more

TOP 5 PHENOMENAL Old West Outlaws

henry brownn | <strong>TOP 5 PHENOMENAL Old West Outlaws</strong>

There were just way too many Old West Outlaws. Aside from the famous stories, you must have read, there were other interesting Outlaw stories that were rarely heard of. We might have heard Billy the Kid’s story more than a dozen times, and who among you did not know Jesse James’s story? Bill Doolin, Allegedly, … Read more

The Mystery Behind Johnny Ringo’s Death.

4 johnny ringo prison 1 1 | The Mystery Behind Johnny Ringo's Death.

Johnny Ringo was a legend of the Old Wild West. He was known as a gunslinger but the shocking truth is, he never really got into a fight. Johnny Ringo’s Death was unsolved. He was connected to countless murders and some might not have been recorded. Though his reputation was as a bad gunslinger, he … Read more

American Wild West

912F bRZCkL. AC SX466 1 | American Wild West

American Wild West was made famous by the outlaws that dominate the American Frontier from the 1860s to 1890s. It was a period in time when cowboys, Indians, outlaws, gunslingers, and pioneers were brought in all together with different purposes and goals. After the American Civil War. Why was it even called “Wild West?” The … Read more

Johnny Ringo Never Got Into A Gunfight?

ringo feature.jpg.optimal | Johnny Ringo Never Got Into A Gunfight?

Johnny Ringo was famously known as a sharpshooter and also for his countless murders. But the truth is, Johnny Ringo has never been into a gunfight. At the age of 14, Johnny Ringo started to train himself to hold pistols and riffles. He made sure that he never commit the same accident that his father … Read more