The SHOCKING STORY of Buffalo Soldiers

lossy page1 640px 367th Regiment Infantry The Buffaloes presented with colors. The Buffaloes singing the Nation . . . NARA 533578.tif | The SHOCKING STORY of Buffalo Soldiers

There is no doubt that the Buffalo Soldiers are one of the bravest and most decorated infantry. Behind every buffalo soldiers are extraordinary tales. Buffalo Soldiers after the American Civil War Did you know that roughly 10 percent of the Union Army during the American Civil War were black Americans? So, after the war ended, … Read more

American Civil War Best Colorized Photos

640px The Photographic History of The Civil War Volume 04 Page 035 Colorized Enhanced | American Civil War Best Colorized Photos

There is no doubt the American Civil War was the deadliest battle in American history, with a total of 620,000 deaths, The emotions of triumph, longing, and camaraderie would be invoked. Let these photos bring us on a sentimental trip down memory lane. It is brought to life by colorized images. Among these photos is … Read more

Abraham Lincoln’s Death: Did He Predict it?

Abraham Lincoln O 43 by German copy | Abraham Lincoln's Death: Did He Predict it?

Abraham Lincoln’s Death would be inevitable as it may seem. When Abraham Lincoln gave his second inaugural address in the busy crowd outside the White House just before the end of the Civil War. Among the crowd was actor John Wilkes Booth, who said, “That’s the last speech Lincoln would ever give.”  44 days later, … Read more

The Wild West Heroine, Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

During the long-running conflict between the settlers and natives, a troop was ambushed. It was complete mayhem and a display of violence. Then, suddenly the Captain was mortally wounded and fell from his horse. Amidst the chaos, a woman had bravely charged in the middle of the skirmish. Grabbing the wounded man, then, what happened … Read more