Who was the Legendary Kit Carson?

Kit Carson 19th cnetury Colorized Enhanced Comparison 1 | <strong>Who was the Legendary Kit Carson?</strong>

Christopher Houston Carson, also known as Kit Carson, joined a group of traders to go to different places. He worked many types of jobs all at the same time from driving wagons, to mining copper, and¬†acting as a guide. He met Ewing Young, a trapper who later on became a colleague. This is when Carson … Read more

Forgotten Wild West Desperado, Zip Wyatt

Zip Wyatt was born as if they were destined to be notorious and bring the scare to Oklahoma. He was reportedly killed in many encounters but always turns out lawmen killed somebody else.  Nathaniel Ellsworth Wyatt was an innocent young boy born from a ragged and impoverished family in Indiana. Their family lived a difficult … Read more