W.H. Billy Simms, A Gambler, An Outlaw, And A True Friend

billy sims Colorized Enhanced | W.H. Billy Simms, A Gambler, An Outlaw, And A True Friend

W.H. Billy Simms, which people call ‘Billy,’ was a typical gambler beau at the back alley of an Antonio. People knew how intelligent Simms was when it came to gambling cards, dice, or poker. His odds of winning were surprisingly outstanding. Being a gambler always means you’re just a step away from any trouble. Good … Read more

Extraordinary Old West Photos in the 1800s

3 Shoshone Falls Idaho 1868 Colorized scaled | Extraordinary Old West Photos in the 1800s

Photographer Timothy H. O’Sullivan captured some of the best-known Old West photos of the like untouched nature and breathtaking landscapes. Thanks to him, we would be able to see how beautiful life was in the Old West. This Old West photo is of a man sitting in a wooden boat at the edge of the … Read more

Was the California Gold Rush Worth it?

Two miners weighing gold in cabin ca 1900 MOHAI 7210 | Was the California Gold Rush Worth it?

During the California Gold Rush, a total of 81 million dollars was earned in just a year. Overall, it was estimated that 2 billion worth of precious metals were unearthed during its totality. A carpenter named James Marshall and Captain John Sutter formed a partnership to build a sawmill, they decided that the former would … Read more

Beyond the Law, Emmett’s Life After the Fall of Daltons

Emmett was typically a nice boy, turned bad, but he resented. But what happened to him after the fall of Daltons? Emmett Dalton was the youngest sibling among the Dalton brothers. He always looked up to his older brother, Bob as his role model. Their family was well off, and they owned some properties in … Read more

Vintage Photos of the Old West Outlaws

1 Belle Star | <strong>Vintage Photos of the Old West Outlaws</strong>

The Old West was truly an interesting thing to learn about, like a saloon, robbery, shootout, and outlaw, especially the stories behind vintage photos. They are fascinating to look at and dig into the never-ending tales it has to tell. William “Tulsa Jack” Blake became a member of the Wild Bunch. Before being an outlaw, he … Read more

The Rampage of Rufus Buck Gang

Rufus BuckGang | The Rampage of Rufus Buck Gang

The Indian Territory was known for being lawless for some time, and the Hanging Judge, Isaac Parker, was facing the abusive teenage Rufus Buck Gang just a few moments before their execution. He told the teenagers “The wickedness of your crimes leaves no ground for any leeway of sympathy to all of you!” What could … Read more

Who was the Legendary Kit Carson?

Kit Carson 19th cnetury Colorized Enhanced Comparison 1 | <strong>Who was the Legendary Kit Carson?</strong>

Christopher Houston Carson, also known as Kit Carson, joined a group of traders to go to different places. He worked many types of jobs all at the same time from driving wagons, to mining copper, and acting as a guide. He met Ewing Young, a trapper who later on became a colleague. This is when Carson … Read more