Abraham Lincoln’s Death: Did He Predict it?

Abraham Lincoln’s Death would be inevitable as it may seem. When Abraham Lincoln gave his second inaugural address in the busy crowd outside the White House just before the end of the Civil War. Among the crowd was actor John Wilkes Booth, who said, “That’s the last speech Lincoln would ever give.”  44 days later, Lincoln’s life ended. But it is not a typical way of dying. It seems there is something strange about Abraham Lincoln’s Death.

Abraham Lincoln

Booth was an American Stage actor who already planned to take action. He and his conspirators were planning to kidnap the president in exchange for releasing the confederate prisoners of war. However, the Civil War was about to end., and the Union’s victory is set to happen. Exchanging prisoners has no sense anymore. So, Booth decided to make more dangerous plans.

 John Wilkes Booth

Meanwhile, Lincoln felt everything is falling into its proper place. General Lee surrendered at Appomattox to avoid more destruction to the South. He feels happiness seeing the victory but feels heartbroken for the suffering of the people from the South. He was so overwhelmed with the doomy thoughts, and later on, he experienced a frightening dream.

General Lee

On the night of April 1865, Booth used every help he can get from his connections as an actor. He sneaked up to where Lincoln’s box was. At that moment, Lincoln was distracted and laughing while watching the play “My American Cousin.”  Booth waited for the right time when everyone was busy laughing, he pulled his Derringer pistol and shot Lincoln in the back of his head which caused his death. Everyone panicked after hearing the gunshot.

Richmonde Theatre

Lincoln’s friend, Ward Hill Lamon remembered the dream that Lincoln once told him. In his dream, he heard people crying. So, he went from room to room until he arrived at the East Room. In the middle of the room, he saw a coffin, and inside was a dead person covered in cloth, he asked the guard who was the person inside, and the guard answered, “That was the president; he was killed by an assassin.” He was horrified when he heard this, he had no chance to react when he heard a loud cry that woke him up. Abraham Lincoln’s Death horrified him.

Lincoln's bad dream

Abraham Lincoln’s Death Was A Premonition

This premonition might have been Lincoln’s prediction of his death. Later on, some deathbed photos roamed around and exploit the nation’s grief. Many people posed as Lincoln and made edited photos all claiming it was real. Experts say that it only shows that Abraham Lincoln’s Death affected the people and His deathbed was priceless when people showed to mourn and they couldn’t move on. The death of a great leader is a big loss for the nation.

Abraham Lincoln's statue

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