Who was Fannie Porter? 

When Fannie Porter’s family migrated to the U.S. when she was young to try their luck. But fate was not too kind to them and brought them on a rough journey. At a young age, she entered the red light district just to prevail. She continued with odd energy and hard work until she was finally able to change her life. So with her some connections, which she earned over time, she finally established a brothel of her own. 

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The exterior design of her establishment was like an ordinary building. And even in directories, it was mentioned as a “boarding house.” But once you go inside, it was stunning and elegant. There were attractive and pristine maids who would welcome their guests. Incredibly, along with its deluxe accommodation, what it offered was a remarkable type of relaxation, entertainment, and pleasure, far from any other place. And because of that, sorts of men came visiting this bordello.

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Most of their patrons were businessmen, lawmen, and even high-ranking officials. Still, there’s this one that had surpassed the rest, a famous outlaw group that turned out to be also regular patron, the Wild Bunch. She accommodated them until it became the gang’s rest stop, hiding place, and depot. They want special treatment because the ladies treat them like a king. Her business became outstanding above the rest as they were known for the high quality of service. 

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Aside from her success in the industry, she also gained admiration for her unique personality. She was strong, and she stands by what she believed in. She was protective and loyal to her group. Patrons who mistreat and abuse their girls will surely never return to the premises. Her discretion when it comes to the client’s profile was also exceptional. She never turned in a wanted outlaw, despite her knowing that law enforcement officers’ potential charges against her. 

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She unexpectedly grew extensive connections with lawmakers and convicts. She became known as outstanding from town to town. Believe it or not, some government officials and agents outside Texas had come and begun to stop by to experience the place too. But good things started to go down.

Later on, many citizens complained about her business. And several other operating brothels were being closed down. While being deeply associated and involved with the infamous Wild bunch, she got arrested twice. Since it would be hard to deny because Della Moore, Etta Place, and even Laura Bullion had once worked for her. It was the investigation of her connection with the infamous group that pushed her to make a big decision.

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So, even being recognized as a strong woman, the iconic Madame had finally decided to vanish from the spotlight. But before that, she decided to close her brothel house. Then she left without saying goodbye to anyone. Since then, no one has ever heard from her. However, some said she flew back to her motherland and lived a simple life. Others said she retired wealthy. And worst was that she died in a tragic car accident. 

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