The Best Old West Colorized Photos with AMAZING Story Behind

The Old West describes everything from history, geography, and folklores during the westward expansion. A lot has changed in almost 300 years. The Best Old West Colorized Photos will bring back the distant frontier, where there are a lot of amazing discoveries of a scandalous affair and shocking Dawes’s act.

Canyon Diablo shootout

John Shaw

If you are looking closely, you might think that the guy in this picture was dead of smiling. The person in this photo was outlaw John Shaw. He got killed after a bloody encounter. He left his whiskey untouched. When the people lifted his body from a makeshift burial, it seemed John smiled, when they pour him his untouched whiskey.

Madame Mustache

Madam Mustache

It’s quite strange for a woman to have a mustache, but that won’t be an issue especially if the woman has a big heart like this woman in the picture, Eleanor Dumont. Many people admired her despite her strange looks. The madame owned a gambling house. She never forgot to help needy people, she gave them food. She loans to miners in nearby boomtowns. She once fell in love, but with the wrong man. She got depressed later on and took her own life.

The Best Old West Colorized Photos of Apache Kid

Apache Kid

This is one of The Best Old West Colorized Photos of Apache Kid was quite famous in dime novels as a vigilante who spread terror in the Apache wilderness. He was feared by many and also mysterious. His victims often experience hell. Some who luckily escaped alive had been horrified for the rest of their life. But on the other hand, people look up to him and see him as a hero. His remains are still unlocated until now.

Deadwood Saloon

Deadwood Saloon

The Old West will never be complete without the Saloon. This picture of the Deadwood Saloon is one of The Best Old West Colorized Photos. There are a lot of them in every town. But nothing would beat the popular Deadwood Saloon. It is the most visited and patronized saloon in the Old West.


Fun Traders

Life in the Old West was pretty hard back then, and people had to do odd jobs to make both ends meet. People hunt small animals, take their meat, and harvest pelt to sell. If they have more harvest, it means there will be more days out of starvation.

Cheyenne & the Military

Dawe's Act

So, Standing Elk, Running Hog, and Little Wolf, and all their fancy ceremonial dress, have met with Colonel Delriens of the federal government, the aid beside him, In this photo, it would be believed they would be negotiating about some important things about the Dawe’s Act, which covers land allocation to natives, providing vocational skills and education. This photo seemed good at first, but later on, a sizeable remainder of the reservation was left, then sold to the settlers. In the end, this resulted in ninety million acres of tribal land being stripped from Native and sold to migrants.

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