Most EXTRAORDINARY photos of The Old West

wolf Colorized Enhanced | Most EXTRAORDINARY photos of The Old West

Let’s see the best photos of the old west. Aside from the mingling in saloons, and cattle herding, Cowboys sometimes captures wolves to protect their livestock from getting attacked by wild beasts. Just like the one shown in this photo.

Photos of the Old West: Rufus Buck Gang

Rufus BUck Gang

You never want to be around these infamous outlaw teens. They committed the grimmest crimes in the Indian Territory. Though they got innocent looks, Rufus Buck Gang killed innocents, abused and ravaged women and kids, and, worst, they often did their crimes while the family members of the victims were forced to watch. As soon as these fellows got caught, they were hastily hanged on the gallows.

Rose of Cimarron

Rose Dunn

This gorgeous frontier woman, Rose Dunn had a tragic story and also a weird hobby. Well, she had a short career as an outlaw after she fell in love with one. It’s just that with a twist of fate, his brothers killed her lover for the bounty.

Serpent Charmers

Serpent Charmers

Buffalo Bill became famous for owning and showcasing his very own show, the “Wild West Shows.” This photo showed one amazing performance that they enjoyed. This charmer handles boas, rattlers, cobras, or all sorts of snakes, showing how they can make a wild beast benign.

 After a Long Walk, Navajo Tribe, Spotted Elk

Navajo Tribe

Surprisingly, when the wagons started moving to the west, they brought along the settlers, who began expanding westward. The native tribes such as the Navajo tribe were forced to walk away from their ancestral land. This photo captured the trauma of the Navajo leaders during the ”Long walk of Navajo.” Soon, some Natives like the Lakota took weapons, and this led to a confrontation with the federal government. This became known as the “Wounded Knee Massacre,” It was a massive massacre where 250 Lakota men, women, and children were killed, including the Lakota Sioux Chief “Spotted Elk.”

Cowboy Dance

Cowboy Dance

Life in the Old West was pretty tough for the settlers and natives, many experienced hardships. But to think of it, both were victims of many diseases, hunger, lawlessness, and selfish ways. But despite all that, they found ways to deal with their hard life. Their Cowboy dance brought people together, relieving fatigue from their hard days at work. The best thing about it, is as it is free and it’s fun.

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