Forgotten Wild West Desperado, Zip Wyatt

Zip Wyatt was born as if they were destined to be notorious and bring the scare to Oklahoma. He was reportedly killed in many encounters but always turns out lawmen killed somebody else. 

Nathaniel Ellsworth Wyatt was an innocent young boy born from a ragged and impoverished family in Indiana. Their family lived a difficult life. His father and brother were known lawless people, His father was “Old shooter Bill,” while his brother was “Six-shooter Jack.” Eventually, Zip Wyatt followed in their footsteps, as if it was a normal thing to do.

Zip Wyatt  in his bed

Wyatt started robbing stores, farms, and raches for supplies and he can easily go away from it but not all the time. He was tracked down by a deputy one time. He was lucky that he just got grazed with minor wounds while he killed the deputy. People were angry and were set to hunt him with a $1000 bounty on his head.

Zip Wyatt's favorite victim

Later on, he tried to lie low and settled in Indiana with his relatives but soon he was arrested. But while on his way to be tried in Oklahoma, he managed to escape twice and eventually bumped into another felon Ike Black and from then on they became an infamous duo.

train wagons, one of Zip Wyatt's favorite robbery victims.

The duo spread terror in Oklahoma. This time, he upgraded his heists to robbing banks stores, and post offices. They also collaborated with Doolin Dalton Gang in the Famous Rock Island train robbery.

Wyatt’s numerous robberies reached the point that every crime in the territory was blamed on him, even if it was not his doing. Bounty over his head caught dead or alive went up to $5000, That’s why during the Rock Island incident, a deputy mistook somebody as Zip Wyatt. After the shootout, they noticed on a closer look that the man they killed was Tulsa Jack. The duo pursuant reached almost 200 men, but they did not hesitate to continue robbing.

Tulsa Jack

While the duo was on the run, news roamed saying that Zip Wyatt was finally killed by a posse. But it was just the same story, the encounter was indeed another blunder as they mistook a group of young farmers to be Zip and Ike. But, eventually, Ike was killed, and Zip Wyatt was finally cornered. While being fatally wounded, he believed that he would be nursed back to health, so he surrendered. It’s just that he was gravely mistaken, as he was left untreated to die a miserable death

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